Today’s Normandy Advent Calendar photo is taken in a Gavray boulangerie. This is part of the cake counter and they also sell lots more delicious French goodies.
Gavray boulangerie
So, what’s the difference between a boulangerie and a pâtisserie? A boulangerie is a bakery and they sell bread. On the other hand a pâtisserie specialises in pastry items. This includes goodies such as pain au chocolat and croissant. Many French cakes have pastry as a base so a trip to a pâtisserie will satisfy your sweet tooth. Many boulangeries are actually a boulangerie pâtisserie so they sell both bread and cakes. Other items include breakfast pastries and my favourite is an almond croissant. Delicious! You can also buy chocolates, meringues, quiches and pizza slices in certain outlets. Gavray has three boulangerie patisseries. They’re all within a short distance of each other. Boulangeries tend to be open every day from 7am to 7pm. In Gavray each one has a set day that they close but there’s always at least one open. Sunday is a busy day for boulangeries. With a selection of cakes like this to buy, dessert is easily sorted. #NormandyAdventCalendar #VacationSoup #BookDirect #Gavray #boulangerie #Gavray boulangerie

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