La Maison du Guet in Granville features on day 9 of Normandy Advent Calendar. This is my favourite building and I take a photo of it almost every time I walk past it. I love those turrets!

La maison du guet

The word guet means watch, surveillance or lookout. So this is Lookout House. It’s in the high town in Granville which is the original and oldest part of the town.

It was built around 1905 and is set into the fortified walls that surround the high town. There are at least three levels to the house; the attic, first floor and ground floor. In the photo above the ground floor is where the large arched window is. Access to the house is via the square near the church. Underneath the arched window are two smaller windows with a stone inbetween them that says 1023 (or 1025). This level seems to be a room as photos show the windows open. If you look at these additional photos of La Maison du Guet, you can see a green arched door underneath these windows that possibly leads to a cellar.

Lookout House does indeed have a wonderful views it overlooks the port and harbour in Granville. Further south are the seaside towns of Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, Julloville and Carolles. Beyond that yet out of sight is Mont-Saint-Michel.

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