Gavray boulangeries

Where To Buy The Best Bread in Gavray

There are three Gavray boulangeries all serving amazing breakfast pastries, bread and cakes. They’re all within a hundred metres of each other but are all equally as busy. I refer to them by the colours of the shop front so we have a red one, purple one and a yellow one. They each have a set day off a week and arrange holidays so there’s always at least one boulangerie open. Very often all three are open and you’re spoilt for choice.

I bought the bread in the photo from the red bakery. The long thin breads are called ‘Tradition’ and they’re like a baguette. For a more healthy option, you can also buy a Tradition Cereales which is made with a mix of grains. They are called different names in each boulangerie. In the purple bakery they are called a ‘festive’. You can ask for a ‘petrisane’ in the yellow bakery. Essentially they are quality baguettes so used to make sandwiches. A regular baguette might be something you’d have with soup or with cheese.

The large loaf on the left is called a Pavé de Gavray’ while the one on the right is made of corn. It’s called ‘pain de maïs’ and is suitable for those with a gluten intolerance as it’s gluten free. They sell it on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It was delicious! Gavray boulangeries are definitely worth a visit.

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