Where To Eat Out In Gavray

My guests often ask for recommendations of where to eat in Gavray. Most restaurants are open for lunch (12 – 2pm) and then again in the evening from 7pm. You need to call during opening hours to book a table and the concept of online booking is still in its infancy here in Normandy. There are three restaurants in Gavray but they have different opening hours and are not open every day. It’s just part of the charm of life here in Normandy.

Carry out reading below for information about the restaurants shown on the map.

So, where you eat out in Gavray will depend on the day of the week you want. There are three restaurants in Gavray.

Chez Cedric. Open Monday to Saturday lunchtime. Also open Friday evening.
Hotel de la Gare. Open Monday to Thursday lunchtime and evening. Also open Friday and Saturday lunchtime.
Restaurant Délice. Open Wednesday to Saturday lunchtime and evening. Also open for Sunday lunch.

That means that none of the Gavray restaurants are open on a Sunday evening. However, there are other options a little further afield.

They all offer something different. Chez Cedric opened in 2018 and is very popular with workers at lunchtime who want excellent value-for-money set menus. Hotel de la Gare is similar in price and is popular with families. They have a children’s menu but plenty of options of good, honest food. Délice is slightly more expensive and can cater for vegetarians and vegans. One of their specialities is lamb shank.

Chez Cedric is at 18 rue de la Poterie.

Hotel de la Gare is at 23 Place de la Mairie. Check out their website here.

Restaurant Délice is at 9 Place du Dr Beck. Their website is here.

Nearby are alternative restaurants to consider.

  • Auberge du Mesnil Rogues, Route de l’Auberge, Mesnil Rogues. Their opening times depend on the season. They’re always closed on a Monday but are open on a Sunday for lunch and in the evening. Have a look at their website.
  • L’Auberge de l’Abbaye, 5 route de l’Abbaye, Hambye. In the summer they close on all day on a Monday but are open on the other days. Winter opening hours are different and you can have a peek at their website.
  • La Baratte, Le Bourg, Saint-Denis-le-Vêtu They’re closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings as well as all day on a Wednesday. Their website is here.
  • Le Krill, Le Bourg, La Baleine. Their opening times also depend on the season. In the summer they’re closed on a Sunday evening and all day on a Monday.
  • En Pleine Nature in Lengronne. This is the closest restaurant to the gite and opened in 2019. It’s owned by a French/Dutch couple and perfect English is spoken. They have a Facebook page where you can check the menu.

Coutances, Villedieu-les-Poêles and Granville also have a good selection of restaurants. However, the majority are closed on a Sunday evening.

I am happy to call in advance and book a table for guests.

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