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The abbey church in Lessay, Normandy

ByByChris RobinsonDec 5, 2016

The church on the left hand side of the photograph is part of the Benedictine abbey founded in 1056. It was almost entirely destroyed twice – once in 1356 and…

Walking across the Bay of Mont Saint Michel

ByByChris RobinsonApr 15, 2016

Walking across the Bay of Mont St Michel is a magical experience for Normandy visitors. As well as the fabulous views of the island of Mont St Michel, you also…

Normandy’s beaches – quiet and unspoilt

ByByChris RobinsonApr 2, 2016

Think of Normandy’s beaches and possibly the D-D landing beaches spring to mind. The beaches of Sword, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Utah are certainly a draw to visitors. Many come…

Normandy lighthouse

ByByChris RobinsonNov 10, 2015

The Phare de Gatteville is a Normandy lighthouse at the tip of Barfleur and is the second tallest lighthouse in France. Strong currents and numerous shipwrecks in the area prompted this…

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