Gavray boulangerie

My Favourite Boulangerie in Gavray

My favourite boulangerie in Gavray? It’s a difficult choice!

Gavray boulangerie

Feeling peckish? Sunday is a very busy day for bakers as they do a roaring trade. It’s a day for people to spend time with family or friends while enjoy good food and wine. In Gavray, there are 3 boulangeries and they were all open this morning when I popped to get some bread. It makes choosing a favourite sooooo difficult so it’s a good reason to try them all out. It’s a hard life!

At the weekends they sell a baguette apéritive which is a cross between a baguette and a pizza. They’re savoury – I chose tomato and olive flavour – and you eat them before a meal with a dip or a spread accompanied by a glass of your favourite tipple. If you have a sweet tooth then just look at the selection of cakes! The quality is so good that if you’re entertaining, it’s very acceptable to buy your dessert from a pâtisserie. And I’m sure the calories don’t count on a Sunday or if you’re on holiday.

Baguette in Gavray
Gavray boulangerie

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