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Buying Organic Food in Normandy

Buying organic food in Normandy is becoming easier as the number of outlets stocking it increases. In the last 10 years organic food has become more mainstream in Normandy.

Normandy organic food

So, where can you find organic products? Firstly, you need to know that the word for organic is ‘bio’. Anything you see with this word on it is organic. There’s also a green and white logo that certifies organic products. Secondly, you need to know which outlets stock organic products.

French organic logo

There are four main places where you can buy organic food.


Carrefour was the first French supermarket to embrace the organic trend. In 1992 they launched the ‘boule bio’ – boule is a round unsliced loaf of bread. Over the decades they have increased the range of products available. Other supermarkets such as LeClerc, Lidl, Casino/Géant, Intermarché, Super U/Hyper U and Auchan all stock organic products. Organic products that are chilled or frozen are alongside regular products. Dry goods are usually in a specific organic section.

Grocery Stores

Épiceries or épicerices fines will stock some organic food. An épicerice fine is a high quality grocery or delicatessen. They often sell local artisan food products.

Organic Producers

La Ferme de Cara-Meuh is a producer near Mont Saint Michel bay. Their most popular products are chewy caramel sweets but they also make caramel sauce, butter and cheese from their organic milk. In nearby Saint-Pair-sur-Mer is the producer Meuh Cola.  Their range includes sparkling apple, lemonade and three colas- original, clear and pink. La Chèvre Rit in Granville produce organic goats cheese, fromage frais and yoghurt. You can also buy products including terrines/patés, jams, cordials and juices.

This interactive map shows organic producers and shops in Normandy.

Some of the producers sell from their farms whereas others sell via the épiceries, organic supermarkets and in markets.

Organic Supermarkets

This is the ultimate place to buy organic food as they specialise in it. The organic supermarkets are paradise for organic foodies. A popular chain is Biocoop. I visited the Biocoop Biosauveurs shop in Granville recently. They have a fresh fruit and vegetable counter where everything is sold loose. There was also a very impressive and extensive selection of dried products that could be purchase loose. This included pasta, rice, lentils, pulses, dried fruit, nuts and grains. You can also buy these products pre-packed if you’d prefer. You can find everything from biscuits to breakfast bars and chocolate to crisps. I also spotted chiller units, a freezer section, a cheese counter and a butchers counter. There was also a supplements section (stocking vitamins and minerals that you’d find in a UK healthfood shop. Oh, and there was also a drinks section including soft drinks and wine. In keeping with their organic ethics, paper bags were available for loose dried items, fruit and vegetables. The shop is at 788 Avenue de l’Europe in Yquelon just outside Granville. If you are in Coutances there is also a branch there.

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