Me And My Camera in Regnéville

Regnéville is a delightful Normandy village and an important port dating from the 11th century. It sits at the mouth of the river Sienne and looks out onto a natural harbour surrounded by marshland.

The first settlers in the village were Vikings who arrived by boat. The harbour enabled goods to be transported into the markets at nearby Agon-Coutainville and Montmartin-sur-mer and Regnéville became a busy and important port.

The castle was built in the 11th century and has been in English and French ownership over the centuries. Inevitably it suffered damage during the Hundred Years War and the Religious War and at the hands of Richelieu who destroyed many chateaux in the 17th century. Part of the keep remains although it would not have looked like this originally. It was re-built while under English rule in a different style to the original French design.

The church dates from the 12th century.

The entrance to the village is via this arch.

The arch would have been gated and leads to a pretty quiet street with small stone cottages on either side.

I took a tour of Regnéville with guide Simon Tasset who is a Middle Ages expert and passionate about Normandy history. His tours are in French or English.

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