Pancakes in Coutances

The Best Place for Pancakes in Normandy

Where’s the best place for pancakes in Normandy? This is the question news organisation, Côté Manche, asked their Facebook fans. Here’s their pick of the best places in and around Coutances.

If you want a relatively quick and informal meal then finding a crêperie is a safe bet. Both savoury and sweet pancakes will be available and they may have a wider menu as well. Savoury pancakes are known as galettes and sweet pancakes are called crêpes.

The Crêperies

Le Râtelier is on rue Georges-Clémenceau in Coutances. They’re open Tuesday to Thursday from 12 – 2pm and 7 – 9.15pm. On Friday and Saturday they’re open slightly later until 9.30pm. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Phone 02 33 45 56 52. This crêperie got plenty of mentions in the survey.

La Morinière is near the entrance for the town’s public garden. They’re at 1 rue Quesnel-Morinière. The crêperie closes on Wednesdays and Thursdays but is open for lunch and in the evening all year round. Phone 02 33 07 52 20. I have eaten here although there has been a change of owner since then. I had a set menu of savoury pancake for main course and a sweet caramel and chantilly cream crêpe to follow.

Le Conquérant des Saveurs is a tea room. It’s on La Belle Hôtesse just outside of Coutances and right next door to the brocante La Clé des Temps. Their phone number is 09 84 07 37 15. Opening times are 10am – 7pm Wednesday to Saturday. They are also open on Sunday afternoon.

La crêperie de Sophie at 74 boulevard Alsace-Lorraine in Coutances was favoured by some fans. However, they do more than pancakes as I’ve eaten here with a group for a set menu. They can be contacted on 02 33 45 54 45 and are open on Tuesdays through to Saturdays inclusive. Their hours are 12 – 3pm and 7 – 9.30pm. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

The website for Côté Manche is here.

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