Coutances’ Dahlia Festival starts on Saturday 1st September and is on for the whole month. This is the 23rd time that the Normandy festival has been celebrated. It takes place in the agricultural college (the lycée agricole) where students wanting an agricultural or horticultural profession study. Throughout the year the college also runs a garden centre with students responsible for growing and tending to the plants that are for sale.

Preparation and planting would have taken place earlier in the year and a huge space is opened up for the festival. From the gardens you get a great view of Coutances.

Coutance's dahlia festival

As well as the 320 varieties of dahlias, there will be six smaller gardens that have been landscaped by the students. The dahlias produce a riot of colour with some very blousy specimens

Coutances dahlia festivalCoutances dahlia festival

And some neater and smaller varieties

Coutances dahlia festival Coutances dahlia festival Coutances dahlia festival

It’s difficult to choose a favourite. On my visit last year I kept thinking I’d found one but was then spoilt for choice. However, this pale pink flower with dark pink candy stripes particularly caught my eye.

Coutances dahlia festival

Practical information

The Festival takes place at:

Serres du lycée agricole
Rue de Regneville sur mer

TEL : 02 33 45 13 44

It’s open 7 days a week from 2pm through to 6pm. It costs 5€ per person. Those under 10 go free.

Coutances dahlia festival

I’ll certainly be going back again this year. It’s a fabulous place to visit.



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