My Top 10 Normandy Foods

What would be on your top 10 Normandy foods list? There’s certainly plenty to choose from but here’s my suggestions for foodie treats you should try on your next trip. Apple juice, cider, pommeau calvados The rich and fertile soil provides the perfect growing conditions for bumper crops of apples. From September through to October […]

What’s Normandy’s Most Popular Cheese?

The Fromagerie Val-de-Sienne (cheese factory) produces Gavray camembert – just a few minutes away from where I live in Normandy. Camembert is Normandy’s most popular cheese. Gavray camembert has been made here for 30 years and supplies local outlets. Not all supermarkets sell it but delicatessens and local markets certainly do. The cheese is made […]

How To Bake Camembert Cheese

There’s nothing that says ‘Normandy’ quite like camembert cheese; it’s produced throughout Normandy and takes its name from the town of Camembert which is in the Calvados region. Many producers in Normandy still make camembert by hand and pour the milk mixture into moulds using ladles. The moulds are regular turned until the liquid has […]

A Meal Without Cheese Is Like A Day Without Sun …

… according to the French saying (un repas sans fromage c’est comme une journée sans soleil).  Which highlights perfectly the importance of cheese in France. There are over 400 varieties of cheese in France and each region has its own specialities. In Normandy there are 4 regional cheeses – Camembert, Livarot, Neufchâtel, and Pont-l’Évêque. The heart-shaped […]

Feeling peckish?

I’ve already eaten but this looks yummy. Delicious camembert from Normandy. French food at its best! Shared by Chris of Gavray Gites #france #frenchfood #gavray #normandy #camembert Originally shared by +Visit France Wine, Cheese and “Saucisson” – a perfect French combo to celebrate the first Wine Wednesday of September in style! Fancy some? #WineWednesday #Wine […]