When To See The High Tides At Mont-Saint-Michel

The high tides at Mont-Saint-Michel are very popular with tourists lucky enough to experience them. They only happen on around 20 days each year with two high tides each days. The high tides mean that Mont-Saint-Michel is cut off from the mainland and it becomes an island.

It’s quite an impressive sight to see particularly if you’re on the island when it gets cut off. Bear in mind you may have to wait an hour or so for the tide to subside. The main entrance takes a while to clear but there is another route off the island.

Mont-Saint-Michel high tides
Mont-Saint-Michel high tides

If the tide co-efficient is over 100 you will be able to see Mont Saint Michel cut off from the mainland. The co-efficient is the measurement of how high the tide will be. The higher the number, the higher the tide is.

Mont-Saint-Michel high tides

For information about Mont-Saint-Michel including the tide timetable for please go to the Mont Saint Michel guide.

Watch a time lapse video of this amazing phenomenon.

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