There's no rainbow without the rain

What’s The Weather Like In Normandy?

Perhaps the best description of the weather in Normandy is that it’s changeable. And, yes, it rains (sometimes) but that’s how Normandy dairy products such as Camembert cheese taste so deliciously creamy. There’s no rainbow without the rain.

It’s also said that on some days you experience four seasons in one day with perhaps sun, rain, sleet and hail. It’s true although it doesn’t happen regularly. Equally it doesn’t snow very often. I’ve lived in Normandy for almost five years and have seen a light dusting of snow only twice.

Sunny Days

So, is there much sunshine? Yes, and not just in the summer months. On my personal Facebook page these photos popped up as a memory from 2017. A beautifully sunny day with fantastic blue skies in Granville.

Normandy weather
Normandy weather

The photos are of the high town (with the church and half timbered house with turrets that fascinates me so much) and also the Christian Dior Museum.

I visited Utah Beach and Omaha Beach in February 2018. I made two separate trips and enjoyed blue skies on both days. As I walked around the American Cemetery near Omah Beach in the afternoon it was too warm to wear a coat. Although there was a cold wind for the Utah Beach visit, it was still good weather.

Sainte-Mère-Église church in Normandy
Normandy American Cemetery

The summer of 2018 was certainly hot. Perhaps even too hot as the grass didn’t grow for weeks. It was regularly between 30 – 35C. Also, remember that Normandy is a reasonably large place so the weather can vary.

In terms of temperatures, it’s fairly similar to the south of England and follows the same pattern of the warmest weather in the summer months of June to September.

And if it does rain (or indeed if it’s too hot and you want to escape the heat) then there are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy including museums, chateaux, abbeys, art galleries, cathedrals and artisan food producers.

The website Heula takes a humerous look at the Normandy way of life and things that are typically from Normandy. Whether that’s Mont-Saint-Michel, cows, cheese, apples, dairy products, seafood or cider. The weather features heavily on their products. This is one of their postcards. I love it!

Normandy weather

The best advice I can give is to be prepared for every eventuality. If the weather turns out to be good then that’s a bonus. As I scroll through my photo library of shots I’ve taken I can see so many great photos showing how wonderful Normandy weather can really be.

Regnéville chateau
Coutances cathedral

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