The Hotel de la Gare restaurant in Gavray is a charming family-run concern. Located in the main high street there is plenty of free parking and a warm welcome awaits you. As the owners have young children they are closed over the weekend apart from Saturday lunchtime which is market day in Gavray. The bonus is that they’re open every weekday evening – many restaurants locally are not open in the early part of the week out of season. A three course formule menu is available for under 15 euros in the evening or 13 euros at lunchtime. I visited last week with friends – the moules frites and chocolate mousse were highly recommended.

Post by Chris of Gavray Gites
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  1. Moules are mussels. They're cooked and served in a pot with a lid which you then use to discard the mussel shells. These were cooked in white white, cream, shallots and parsley. Served with a side order of fries – or frites – and bread so you can mop up the sauce at the end.

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