Lucerne abbey

Things To Do In Granville

Every year Granville Tourist Office produce a number of guides about what to do in Granville.

There are usually three or four different publications and they can be picked up from one of their offices.

In previous years they’ve produced a magazine, a brochure about forthcoming events, a guide to gourmet delights and a main guide. The information is usually in English and French.

The main guide gives an overview of the area. There are a number of villages and coastal towns featured.

The high town in Granville also gets a mention. This is a wonderful place to explore the old buildings of the original town. It’s very quaint with cobbled streets and fantastic views up and down the coastline.

For a spot of culture, Granville is home to an art museum as well as the Christian Dior museum. The Lucerne abbey is just a short drive away.

The coastal location means that trips to the islands of Chausey and the Channel Islands are popular with visitors. If you prefer to stay on dry land, then the beaches are family friendly while watching the water sports.

Inland you will find walks, cycle routes and horse-treking trails There really is something for everyone. You can download the brochures here.

You can also discover my guides to the nearby towns of Coutances and Villedieu-les-Poêles.

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