Day 24 of the Normandy Advent Calendar is the Normandy island commune of Mont Saint Michel. It’s my favourite place, so there are several photos today to end the calendar.

Normandy island commune

I’ve chosen this photo to show how things used to look. The photo was taken in 2012. There was a road leading to the island and you can see cars parked at the base of the mount.

view of Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel in November 2018

Although Mont Saint Michel is described as an island commune, it hadn’t been an island for around a hundred years. The road bridge connected the island to the mainland and meant that the surrounding area silted up.

A huge project was undertaken to install a dam, dedicated parking and a new elevated road bridge. Once these elements were in place, the original road was removed and water flowed around Mont Saint Michel once more. The area where the car park was now floods at high tide.

Normandy island

The cloister is a very special place although there are only buildings on two sides of it. This is quite unusual as generally a cloister is at the centre of an abbey. However, the abbey spans over three floors so the layout is somewhat unconventional.

Photos of Mont Saint Michel

At sunset, Mont Saint Michel is pretty impressive. This photo is taken from across the bay at Le Grouin du Sud.

Mont-Saint-Michel at sunset
A visit to Mont-Saint-Michel
The gilded statue on the church spire at Mont-Saint-Michel

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I hope you’ve enjoyed 24 of my favourite photos I’ve shared through December. Here’s to some great places to visit in Normandy in 2020.

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