The Chateau at Pirou is a fortified castle in La Manche region of Normandy. The castle was initially built of wood and later of stone in the 12th century. You’ll also find the 18th century bakery, the cider press, the Chapel, the Court Room and the old stables. A barn houses a locally-made tapestry, very much in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry. The tapestry depicts historical events during a very lively period including the Viking landings in the Cotentin and the Norman conquest of southern Italy.

The castle is open from April through to September except Tuesdays. However, it closes at lunchtimes. More information about opening times and prices are here.

For a bird’s eye view of the chateau at Pirou and the surrounding area, this drone video gives a wonderful perspective.

For a wonderful album of photos courtesy of Claire Lecoute, please visit this page.

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