Tasting Typical Normandy Dishes

Coutances Tourist Office wrote an article about 8 typical Normandy dishes. They’re widely available throughout the region and include Normandy specialities. This article is written in French and you can read it here.

Their choice of Normandy dishes is:-

1. La tarte aux pommes à la Normande

An apple tart that has Calvados added to it for an extra kick.

2 .Les moules à la Normande

A steaming plate of mussels served with a side of delicious french fries. This Normandy dish has a cider and cream sauce.

3. Escalopes à la Normande

A simple dish of turkey escalope with mushrooms and cream. Sometimes cider is added to it.

4 . Les recettes à base de Camembert

Number four on the list is dishes using camembert. This might include a fondue, a savoury tart, a salad or even soup. There’s always the option of Camembert served with bread as part of a cheese course.

Normandy dishes

5. Feuilleté Andouille, Pommes, Camembert

Feuilleté is a pastry parcel filled with andouille (a spicy sausage that is not for the feint hearted), cooked apples and melted Camembert.

6. La teurgoule

Tergoule is a sweet rice pudding flavoured with cinnamon.

7. Coquilles Saint-Jacques à la Normande

Scallops cooked with butter, cream, mushrooms and white wine.

Normandy foods

8. Huîtres

Oysters are another Normandy speciality due to the abundance of oyster beds along the coast.

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