Celebrating La Toussaint

November 1st is 'la Toussaint' – (All Saints Days) in France and is a contraction of the phrase ’ Tous les Saints’. It’s the day when people mourn their dead, go to special church services, visit cemeteries and and put fresh flowers on their loved ones' graves. Chrysanthemums are usually chosen and they are everywhere […]

A relaxing holiday in Normandy

Although the October holidays are almost over, it's the ideal time to explore Normandy. Everywhere will be quieter, even Mont St Michel, which can be busy during the summer holidays. It's Normandy's most popular visitor attraction and well worth a visit. Posted by Chris at www.normandygiteholidays.com #NormandyGiteHolidays #NormandyActivities #montstmichel #normandyabbey   Check this out on […]

The cloister at Mont St Michel

The cloister’s function was to provide access to all the essential rooms: the refectory, kitchens, church, dormitory, chapter hall and the archives. Only the north gallery, looking out towards the sea, was not meant to serve as a way of communication with other rooms. The principal functions of monastic life, except for work and reception, […]