Gouville-sur-Mer beach huts

The beach huts at Gouville-sure-Mer in Normandy are a cheery sight. Sitting above the sand dunes, they're dotted along a kilometre or so. Each with a brightly painted roof, they have a wonderful view onto the beach which stretches endlessly in either direction. Post by Chris at Normandy Gite Holidays #normandyadventcalendar #gouville #gouvillesuremer #beachhuts #normandybeach […]

Summer returns to Normandy

With temperatures warming up again this week, it's time to enjoy the sandy beaches once more. This is the beach at Donville-les-bains which is just outside Granville in Normandy. Plenty of parking, endless beaches and a walkway for strolling and admiring the view. Photo and post by Chris of Gavray Gites #Normandy #normandie #gavray #donvillelesbains […]