Normandy Beach Huts

Day 5 of my Normandy Advent Calendar opens onto these jolly Normandy beach huts in Gouville-sur-Mer. The beach huts are in Gouville-sur-Mer on the Cotentin coast. The first beach huts appeared here just before the First World War. It was thanks to a local restauranteur and inn-keeper that they were built. He would organise for […]

The Colourful Beach Huts at Gouville-sur-Mer

I love the colourful beach huts at Gouville-sur-Mer; bright pops of colour nestled in the sand dunes. As you approach Gouville from the south you can see the brightly coloured roofs in the distance. They’re now symbolic of Gouville and have been a part of the landscape for around a hundred years.   About a […]

Gouville-sur-Mer beach huts

The beach huts at Gouville-sure-Mer in Normandy are a cheery sight. Sitting above the sand dunes, they're dotted along a kilometre or so. Each with a brightly painted roof, they have a wonderful view onto the beach which stretches endlessly in either direction. Post by Chris at Normandy Gite Holidays #normandyadventcalendar #gouville #gouvillesuremer #beachhuts #normandybeach […]