My Favourite Fortified Chateau in Pirou

Let me take you on a tour of my favourite fortified chateu in Pirou. It was originally built out of wood on an island surrounded by three moats and five defensive gates in the 11th century. The stone version that stands today was built in 1146. I passed through the first three gates in quick […]

The Chateau at Pirou

The Chateau at Pirou is a fortified castle in La Manche region of Normandy. The castle was initially built of wood and later of stone in the 12th century. You’ll also find the 18th century bakery, the cider press, the Chapel, the Court Room and the old stables. A barn houses a locally-made tapestry, very […]


Normandy Advent Calendar, Day 13. The ruined chateau at Regnéville-sur-mer was constructed in the 12th century although much of what remains today dates from the 14th century. In the mid 15th century it was seized by the Duke of Gloucester. You can take a tour of what remains of the chateau although the tower (pictured) […]

The medieval castle at Gratot in Normandy

The chateau at Gratot was built in the 14th century. It was abandoned in the early 20th century although a restoration project is currently underway. You can climb to the top of both of these towers although the worn stone steps are testament to the many people who have climbed them over the centuries. The […]