Normandy Advent Calendar – Day 8

Today’s Normandy Advent Calendar photo is taken in a Gavray boulangerie. This is part of the cake counter and they also sell lots more delicious French goodies. So, what’s the difference between a boulangerie and a pâtisserie? A boulangerie is a bakery and they sell bread. On the other hand a pâtisserie specialises in pastry […]

Where To Buy The Best Bread in Gavray

There are three Gavray boulangeries all serving amazing breakfast pastries, bread and cakes. They’re all within a hundred metres of each other but are all equally as busy. I refer to them by the colours of the shop front so we have a red one, purple one and orange one. They each have a set […]

My Favourite Boulangerie in Gavray

My favourite boulangerie in Gavray? It’s a difficult choice! Feeling peckish? Sunday is a very busy day for bakers as they do a roaring trade. It’s a day for people to spend time with family or friends while enjoy good food and wine. In Gavray, there are 3 boulangeries and they were all open this […]

The bicycle in the boulangerie

Yes, that really is a bicycle in the boulangerie's window. This boulangerie is in Gavray and, along with another fellow baker, they are promoting the Tour de France. Both boulangeries are selling galettes des rois which are puff pastry cakes eaten throughout January. Each cake has a ceramic surprise hidden in it and the person […]