For high quality crockery and cutlery, there’s only a few days left to buy at the tableware sale in Normandy. The sale is held twice a year and features seconds and end-of-range products. The Guy Degrenne sale is held next to their factory outlet in Vire from 1 – 7pm each afternoon until 30th November.

kitchen crockery for Normandy Gite Holidays

You can get some great bargains. I bought 6 mugs, 6 coffee cups and saucers, 6 bowls and 2 small serving plates for around 40€. Crockery is sold by weight with plain white crockery selling for 3€ per kilo. Also on sale are cutlery, glasses and cooking pots.

Tableware sale in Normandy

Alternatively, there’s the factory shop next door which is open all year round. Details are below. Prices here are up to 50% off of the shop prices but are in stark contrast to the sale. For example, I saw a cutlery set in the factory shop with 12 of each item. It had a price tag of 975€. However, the quality is fantastic and these luxury tableware brands sell for less than in the shops. For more information visit their website.

Degrenne factory in Vire

Guy Degrenne Factory Shop – tableware sale in Normandy

Rue Guy Degrenne, 14500 Vire

Monday : 10:00-13:30 /14:30-19:00

Tuesday : 10:00-13:30 /14:30-19:00

Wednesday : 10:00-13:30 /14:30-19:00

Thursday : 10:00-13:30 /14:30-19:00

Friday : 10:00-13:30 /14:30-19:00

Saturday: 10:00-13:30 /14:30-19:00

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