rock pooling in Granville

Rock Pooling in Granville, Normandy

When the weather is getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some time rock pooling. It’s a great activity for children so very family-friendly. This activity will allow children to explore the sea life creatures living in the rock pools as the tide recedes.

The rock pools in the photos are in Granville in Normandy. You can access the rock pools via steps on the north side of the old high town. The steps can be found on google maps and are called Escalier du Nord. Head towards the Rue du Nord and find the public restrooms situated between Rue de l’Egout and Rue Courte. You’ll see the steps leading down to the rocks.

All you need is some sensible footwear, a net, a bucket and some inquisitive children!

Normandy family friendly activities

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