Think of beaches and Normandy and possibly the D-D landing beaches spring to mind. The beaches of Sword, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Utah are certainly a draw to visitors who come to pay their respects and reflect on the significant role they played in the events of 1944. There is, however, much more to the Normandy coastline which stretches from the bay at Mont St Michel, up to Cherbourg, along the D-Day landing beaches, to Le Havre, Dieppe and beyond. The Alabaster Coast which starts just north of Le Havre in Upper Normandy is characterised by the imposing white cliffs and white shingle.

The pictures below were taken along the Côte des Havres (the Harbour Coast) which stretches from Granville to Carteret. As well as 8 harbours, this coast is known for its sandy and shingle beaches and low dunes behind which nestle quaint villages. Some of the beaches have wide pedestrian walkways which run in front of the seaside properties. The beaches are generally quiet, so quiet that you wonder why no-one else has realised how glorious they are.

Other coasts include the Cotentin (or Cherbourg) Peninsula, the Bay of Mont St Michel and the Côte Fleurie.

For those who enjoy being by the sea, the beaches in Normandy offer the perfect destination to explore and enjoy the extensive and unspoilt coastline.

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