Finding vegetarian dining options can be a little challenging in Normandy but if you know where to go, it’s much easier. The region is a big seafood producer so if you’re a pescatarian, you’ll have no problem. It is however also famous for wonderful dairy products such as cheese, butter and cream. The range of dining options is increasing though so let’s take a look at where you can eat and food terms to avoid.

Normandy vegetarian restaurants

Close to home are two restaurants offering vegan or vegetarian choices. Restaurant Délice is just a few minutes drive away in Gavray with plenty of parking opposite near the church. They are open Wednesday to Saturday lunchtime and evening and also for Sunday lunch.

Restaurant Délice is at 9 Place du Dr Beck. Their website is here.  Phone number: 02 33 51 61 14. They speak English.

Normandy vegetarian restaurants
Délice Restaurant in Gavray offers a vegan menu

A little further away is the Auberge du Mesnil Rogues which is on Route de l’Auberge in Mesnil Rogues. Their opening times depend on the season. They’re always closed on a Monday but are open on a Sunday for lunch and in the evening. Have a look at their website.  You can contact them on 02 33 61 37 12.

I would always recommend making a reservation and advising that you’ll be eating from the vegetarian menu. Normandy is getting better at offering vegetarian options but there aren’t as many choices as in the UK, for example.

There is also a pizza shop in Gavray. You can phone your order through or just go and place your order and wait until it’s ready. Read about them here.

The nearby towns of Granville, Villedieu-les-Poêles and Coutances also have restaurants with vegetarian options. Italian restaurants serving pizzas and pasta are a good choice. Alternatively, you can try a crêperie which is a pancake house. Savoury pancakes are known as galettes while sweet ones are called crêpes. These three towns are all within a 20 minute drive of my gite.


La Crêperie de Sophie, 74 boulevard Alsace Lorraine, 02 33 45 54 45
Don Camillo, 4 Rue d’Harcourt, 02 33 45 00 67 (Italian)
Le Ratelier, 3 rue Georges Clemenceau, 02 33 45 56 52 (crêperie)
La Rose des Sables, 2 Place General de Gaulle, 02 33 45 01 40 (middle eastern serving couscous and tagines)
La Taverne du Parvis, 18 Place du Parvis Notre Dame, 02 33 45 13 55 (bistro with vegetarian and meat/fish options. Serves salads, tarts, omelettes and pasta)
Crêperie La Morinière, 1, Rue Quesnel-Moriniere, 02 33 07 52 20
Pizzeria La Pergola, Zone Industrielle la Mare, 02 33 45 93 22 I’ve eaten here a couple of times. It’s very good value but also very busy.

Normandy vegetarian dining


Le Diner’s, 3 rue Georges Clemenceau, 02 33 90 24 24
Le Borsalino, rue des Isles | Port de plaisance du herel, 02 33 50 02 99 They do pizzas but also have a more varied menu if there are meat/fish eaters in your group. I’ve eaten here.
Pizz A Bruno, 35 avenue des Matignons, 02 33 91 92 30
La Courtine, 10 rue Cambernon, 05 45 82 34 78. This crêperie is in the high town. I’ve eaten here plenty of times as it’s a favourite of my neices.
Picorette, 22 rue Saint Sauveur, 02 33 59 93 49. this is a tea room rather than a restaurant but does have some lunchtime options for vegetarians.



Pizzeria Le Saint Hubert, 9 rue des Cohues, 02 33 51 24 29
La Cuisine de Leonie, 6, place des Chevaliers de Malte, 02 33 61 07 94 This is a crêperie and I’ve eaten here.
Le Moulin à Café, 16 Place des Chevaliers de Malte, 02 33 61 03 39
L’Agora, 10 Place des Halles, 02 33 50 43 04 (crêperie)


These are just a selection of some of the restaurants, bistros and crêperies in the local area.

Useful Food Terms

Always check before you sit down that a restaurant can cater for vegetarian diners by having a look at the menu. The list below includes some of the ingredients you might like to avoid.

viande – meat
viande hachée – minced beef
poisson – fish
jambon – ham
merguez – sausage made with beef
andouille/andouilette – spicy sausage made with chitterlings
thon – tuna
lardons – diced bacon
poulet – chicken
moules – mussels
crevettes – shrimps/prawns
calamars – calamari
st jacques – scallops
saumon fumé – smoked salmon

végétarien/végétarienne – vegetarian


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