Mont Saint Michel in Normandy

Normandy Tide of the Century

Great pictures from Sabina Lorkin of the ‘normandy tide of the century’ dating from March 2015. I’m not sure why it’s called that as it happens every 18 years. Like Sabina, I also got up at silly o’clock to watch the tide near to St Martin de Brehal in Normandy. What was a road quickly became completely covered by the sea enabling canoeists and surfers to enjoy the space.

normandy tide of the century

Discover sunrise photos of the Normandy tide of the century at the Mont St Michel. #Normandy #MontStMichel

The ‘Tides of the Century’ at the Mont St Michel – Normandy
Discover photos of the ‘Tides of the Century’ at the world famous Mont St Michel by British photographer in Normandy, Sabina Lorkin.

Mont Saint Michel is a fabulous spot to watch a high tide. Since the new elevated road bridge leading to the island was installed, this phenomenon is even more spectacular. Previously, the silt around the bridge meant that the tide didn’t surround the island. Removing the bridge and replacing it with an elevated one allows the tide to flow naturally. As a result, during super high tides or tides of the century, the island is cut off from the mainland. It’s fascinating to watch either from the road bridge or on the island. If you choose to watch the tide from the island you need to allow time for the tide to subside before you’re able to leave. For more information about Mont Saint Michel, read the island guide.

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