Today is World Photography Day (19th August 2019)  and so it’s the perfect opportunity to share some of my Normandy photos with you. These are all photos I’ve taken recently in Normandy.


Normandy photography

This shot was taken on an August evening in Arromanches. It is part of a sculpture created to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The soldiers landing on the beaches had to wade through the water with their rifles held aloft. I first visited the garden in July and you can read about my visit here.

Normandy photography

This powerful piece of art sits outside the Mémorial de Caen museum.

Saint James cemetery

This chapel is in Saint-James on the border of Normandy and Brittany. It’s called the Brittany American Cemetery as there’s already a Normandy American Cemetery near Omaha beach. I attended a ceremony here on 6th June to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. It was amazing to be a part of such an important day for Normandy.


Normandy bookshop

A cute little bookshop I passed in Caen.

Saint-Étienne-le-Vieux church

A different view of Caen is the ruined church of Saint-Étienne-Le-Vieux. The original church was built in the 10th century and was damaged by the English during a siege in the city in 1346 and 1417. It was rebuilt and a lantern tower was added. However, artillery fire from retreating German troops destroyed much of the nave in July 1944. It has remained in its ruined stage to represent the damage to Caen’s heritage during the conflict.


This photo is of the Abbaye Aux Hommes in Caen. The section to the left is now the very grand town hall. The abbey church in the centre of the photo is where William the Conqueror was laid to rest in 1087. The abbey was founded by William and is one of the largest Romaneque churches in France. It’s free to visit.

Granville and Gavray

Gavray market

A photo of produce at my local market. It’s held on a Saturday and so I don’t often get to go as I have gite guests departing and arriving on Saturdays. This photo was taken on the middle Saturday of a two week reservation.

Granville blockhouse

My favourite building in Granville. It’s a private house built into the ramparts of the old town and dates from the early 20th century. The turrets are a Normandy architectural feature. I almost always take a photo of this house when I go to Granville.


abbot's house at Longues sur Mer

My final Normandy photo is of the abbey at Longues-sur-Mer in Calvados. I spent a very pleasant time wandering round learning about the history of the various abbey buildings and the restoration that has taken place.

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