This cartoon gives an insight into Normandy humour. Moules-frites is a dish of mussels and French fries and originates in Belgium. However, in Normandy, they’re very popular and you’ll find them on the menu in most restaurants and bistros during the summer months. In Normandy, they’re sometimes cooked with cream to give a sauce perfect for dipping bread into. Alternatives are a cider based sauce, one made with blue cheese or a double whammy of cream and camembert.

The reason for the popularity of this dish is that Normandy is France’s top region for producing mussels and the extreme tides around the Normandy coastline create ideal conditions to produce mussels and oysters. The region also produces a lot of dairy products thanks to Normandy cows – cheese, butter and cream are the main products.

So the cartoon shows moules-frites Normandy-style. One mussel, one chip and a litre of cream. It made me smile.

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Normandy humour

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