The Normandy high tides feature on day 21 of the Normandy Advent Calendar. There’s a road under all that water!

Normandy High Tides

The photo is taken at Le Havre de la Vanlée in Bricqueville-sur-Mer in Normandy. Watching the tide come in here is interesting as the road floods completely cutting the village off from the coast. The photo below shows the road before.

Le Havre de la Vanlée

The high tide phenomenon attracts visitors all along the Normandy coastline. The area around Mont St Michel sees the highest tides where the difference between high and low tide can be up to 15 meters. To see this happening you need to consult a Normandy high tide timetable.

You need to check what the co-efficient number is on the timetable. The higher the number, then the higher the tide. A figure of around 100 is a reasonably high tide. The link above also highlights days when the co-efficient is very high and Mont-Saint-Michel gets cut off from the mainland. This is an incredible sight to see.

Click here to read about the high tides at Mont-Saint-Michel.

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