Normandy biscuits

Normandy Biscuits

Located just near Mont St Michel, there are two shops selling Normandy biscuits and a range of other sweet treats. I visited the Ardevon shop today which also has a small cafe next door.

Their range includes biscuits and cakes but I also spotted cider, fruit juices, tergoule (a Normandy specialty which is like rice pudding), filled crêpes and chocolate.

The shop is open every day from 9am to 7pm from April through 11 November and from 10am – 6pm at all other times. You can check out the St Michel product range.

They have the most fantastic view of Mont St Michel.

You can also see the equipment used to make the biscuits including stamps and moulds for the different varieties.

After all that browsing, I opted for some waffle biscuits. Yum! Normandy biscuits and Mont St Michel – what a great combination.

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