Day 5 of my Normandy Advent Calendar opens onto these jolly Normandy beach huts in Gouville-sur-Mer.

Normandy Beach Huts

The beach huts are in Gouville-sur-Mer on the Cotentin coast. The first beach huts appeared here just before the First World War. It was thanks to a local restauranteur and inn-keeper that they were built. He would organise for his customers to be taken to the beach in a carriage. The huts provided somewhere to change clothes and also to store beach games and fishing equipment.

Doing the Second World War, the beach huts were requisitioned by German troops and subsequently destroyed. It was decided to replace them as they were so popular with local residents.

There are around 70 huts remaining today. Each one is painted white and has a brightly coloured roof. They certainly cheer up the coastline and stretch south towards Blainville-sur-Mer.

For many people who lived in the village they’re something they remember with fondness. They reminisce about the Normandy beach huts from their childhood that their grandparents or parents owned.

There’s more information and photos here about the beach huts in Gouville-sur-Mer.

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