Normandy aperitif

How To Make A Normandy Aperitif

Kir normand is a traditional Normandy aperitif (an apéro). You drink it while waiting for your food to arrive in a restaurant.

The recipe is

  • 2cl of crème de cassis (blackberry liqueur),
  • 2cl of calvados (apple brandy)
  • top the glass up with dry sparkling Normandy cider.

You can also replace the cider with sparkling white wine. Variations to the blackberry liqueur include mûre (blackcurrant), framboise (raspberry) or pêche (peach).

An apéro can also be a drink you serve at home with friends or family. It’s usually served with reasonably substantial fare such as:- thin slices of baguette spread with fish or meat pâté, saucisson, mini pizzas, cheese straws, ham and cream cheese rolls, sausage rolls etc.

Whatever you decide to eat with your Normandy aperitif, just remember to say santé (cheers)!

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