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Normandy is made up of five departments. They are Calvados, Eure, Manche, Orne and Seine-Maritime. However, the website focuses mainly on places in the Manche and Calvados regions. Normandy’s rich heritage includes William the Conqueror, historic buildings dating from the 11th century and the Normandy landing beaches. It is popular with families who appreciate the slower pace of life. The laid back feel is reminiscent of a bygone era. Likewise, for those wanting to escape the stresses of a busy lifestyle, it offers the opportunity to recharge their batteries.

D-Day Landing Beaches

Normandy is probably best known for the role it played in the Battle of Normandy. The battle started on 6th June 1944 (D-Day) and brought an end to World World 2. Troops arrived in Normandy on a stretch of coastline and much of the activity centres around these five Normandy beaches. As well as the beaches themselves, there are museums, memorials, sculptures and cemeteries to visit. Visitors to Normandy can honour the soldiers by visiting the many D-Day sites.

Mont Saint Michel

A key visitor attraction is Mont Saint Michel. This fortified island comprises a small village and a stunning abbey set over three levels. The island is accessed by a purpose-built bridge although the extreme high tides do mean that sometimes it is cut off from the mainland. This natural phenomenon also attracts visitors to watch the spectacle as the tides rise around the island. Points of interest are the ramparts and towers, the drawbridge, the main cobbled street, the abbey and the views from the island.

History and Heritage

Normandy is dotted with historic buildings including cathedrals, castles, chapels, churches, abbeys and mansions. Some date from the 11th century and many have been restored. As a result they give a fascinating insight into life through the centuries.

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