Food and drink often spring to mind when you think of France. Famous for wine, cheese, crispy baguettes, thin crêpes, pâtisserie, fôie gras, and crème brûlée amongst others. There are Normandy specialities to be enjoyed thanks, in part, to its proximity to the sea and its agricultural heritage. Enjoy trying the four Normandy cheeses, cider, Calvados (apple brandy), caramel sauce, andouille (spicy smoked sausage), salted lamb and a milky rice pudding called Teurgoule. With so many tasty treats to choose from, you’re sure to find some firm favourites during your stay. As well as restaurants where you can eat very well priced food for long, lazy lunches there's also the fun of local food markets. If you're eating out, the 'formule' offers great value as this is a set menu. Sometimes you get a choice and sometimes you don't but it's generally good quality, good value food. Alternatively, you can eat from the à la carte menu.

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  1. Miam! French food nothing like it! Coming over soon, looking forward to sinking my teeth into fresh baguette with some cheeses. Good post. Merci beaucoup!

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