Tomorrow (12 January) at 7pm you can follow in the footsteps of William the Conqueror with a night-time visit to L'Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen, Normandy. The Men's Abbey is a former Benedictine monastery founded by William in 1063. After his death in 1087 in Rouen, the body of King William was sent to Caen to be buried there according to his wishes. William's tomb has been disturbed several times since then. In 1562, the grave was opened and the original tombstone of black marble was destroyed. William's bones were scattered and lost, except for one thigh bone which was reburied in 1642. This tomb was again destroyed during the French Revolution, but was eventually replaced with the current early 19th century marker in white marble. The original Romanesque apse was replaced in 1166 by an early Gothic chevet, complete with rosette windows and flying buttresses. Nine towers and spires were added in the 13th century. For more information on the tour and to reserve your place call 02 31 30 42 81.

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