The tourist offices here in La Manche region of Normandy produce a range of leaflets and booklets to help promote the area. They also have websites and social media presences but leaflets seem to be very popular with visitors.

I’ve been really impressed with what the local offices have produced this year. It’s been a mix of very practical information combined with fantastic photography of the area.

At the beginning of the tourist season in March or April, I visit my local tourist office in Gavray and the three surrounding towns of Coutances, Granville and Villedieu-les-Poêles. You could easily spend a day in each of the surrounding towns as there is simply so much to do.

I then sort all the leaflets. This was my dining table last week as I had a few additional leaflets to add and also noticed that some of the plastic folders needed replacing.

La Manche region

I’ve also created a document giving an overview of La Manche region that I sent to guests before they come and stay and it’s also available in the gite. I organise leaflets by town or area. 

La Manche region

I’ve also added magazine holders for areas where there is a lot of information. There’s a folder for maps and an overview of La Manche region to help guests get a feeling for the area. The three nearby large towns also share a folder as there’s so much to see and do. Finally, there’s a folder for the key sites of Bayeux, the D-Day landing beaches and Mont St Michel. Although they’re not all in La Manche, they’re no more than a 90 minute drive away and are all such a big part of Normandy’s heritage and history.

La Manche region

Guests can also check out my website page and my Insider’s Guide to the area. I also post on Facebook with my recommendations about where to go and what to see.

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