It’s National Croissant Day today in both the UK and USA (Thursday 30th January 2020). The day is not celebrated in France but vast quantities of croissants will be consumed as usual.

Croissant Day

In a break from tradition, a number of croissant hybrids have been created in recent years. They include the Cronut (croissant and donut), Cruffin (croissant and muffin) and Croll (croissant and bread roll).

Other hybrids to consider on Croissant Day include the Crosshushi, Tacro, Cragel, Croiffle and Crupcake. You can read about croissant hybrids here and find out what they all are. Unsuprisingly, the hybrids tend to be popular in the USA and UK. In France, the traditional croissant remains as popular as ever.  

The origins of the humble croissant seem to vary depending on which story you read. One version refers to a kipferl. This translates as crescent-shaped in German. The kipferl was created in Vienna by bakers to celebrate the end of the 1683 siege of the city by the Ottoman Turks. The Turks had a crescent on their battle flags.  

Another version dates from 1770, when the 14-year-old Austrian princess Marie-Antoinette arrived in France to marry the future Louis XVI. Her usual breakfast was adapted into the flaky and buttery pastry we know today.  

A less romantic explanation is that a former Austrian artillery officer called August Zang set up the Boulangerie Viennoise in Paris in 1837. Rival French bakers changed the recipe and created the croissant.  

You can read more about National Croissant Day here including a recipe for almond croissants.

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