The Men’s Abbey in Caen

The Men’s Abbey in Caen was founded in 1063 by William the Conqueror. There are two key parts to this magnificent building which is known as l’Abbaye aux Hommes. The first is the abbey church of Saint Etienne and this is where William is buried. The church is free to visit and is a wonderful […]

Buying Organic Food in Normandy

Buying organic food in Normandy is becoming easier as the number of outlets stocking it increase. In the last 10 years organic food has become more mainstream in Normandy. So, where can you find organic products? Firstly, you need to know that the word for organic is ‘bio’. Anything you see with this word on […]

The Non-Violence Sculpture

The Non-Violence sculpture is also known as The Knotted Gun sculpture. The Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd created this piece in bronze following the shooting of former Beatle John Lennon in 1980. The sculpture was created as a memorial tribute with the idea behind it being a vision of a world at peace. Initially, the […]

The Colourful Carnival in Granville

The carnival in Granville will be held from 21st to 25th February this year. It’s an annual event that lasts for five days and always finishes on the Tuesday of Mardi Gras. This is the 146th event and is one of the most well -know events in the North West of France. Since 2016 the […]

Visiting the Normandy WW2 Sites

If you have just 24 hours you could spend a day discovering the Normandy WW2 sites. There is a huge amount to see so this is just an introduction. Nevertheless it’s a very useful suggested itinerary for visiting the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy. The article below was written by Normandy Now and Then in […]

What To Do in Villedieu

The new 2020 tourist guide for Villedieu-les-Poêles has just been published. It’s available to download or you can pick up a copy from the Villedieu tourist office. It’s jam-packed full of inspiration of what to do in Villedieu and is written in French and English. A Stroll Around Villedieu A walk around Villedieu is one […]

Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels give a fascinating insight into life in Jersey during World War 2.The exhibition is housed in the former underground complex built for the Germans. In 1941 it was originally built as a shelter to protect German troops but was converted to a hospital in 1943. It remained operational until 1945. German […]

The Benefits of Book Direct

It’s BookDirect Day today (Wednesday 5th February 2020). Property rental owners from around the world are sharing the message about how you can Book Direct. What Are the Benefits of Book Direct? The traveller doesn’t pay a booking fee The rental owner doesn’t pay any commission The guest and owner can communicate with one another […]

A Beauty Salon in Gavray

A visit to the beauty salon in Gavray is the ultimate treat while on holiday. Like many of the shops in Gavray it’s a small, independently owned business. Originally they were based in the high street but last year they moved to a larger shop that was refurbished to the owner’s requirements. There are now […]

A Stroll Through the High Town in Granville

The high town in Granville is often overlooked by visitors to the town who instead visit the shops, restaurants, bars, casino, market and port in the main town. However, visiting the fortified high town is like stepping back in history and is a hidden gem not be be missed. Accessing the High Town The high […]