The Normandy village of Blainville-sur-Mer enjoys an enviable position on the Cotentin coast. It is fortunate to have a natural harbour giving fantastic views.

Coutances Tourist Office has produced a map of a walking circuit you can do to explore the village. You can download a copy here.

The walk is around 17km although you can reduce it as there is an alternative route. Highlights of the walk include the 15th century sailors chapel, the natural harbour, the 12th century church and some very grand dwellings.

Blainville-sur-Mer Blainville-sur-Mer

The five grand properties are dotted along Rue de Bas. It was originally called Rue des Libraries or Booksellers Street.

Blainville-sur-Mer Blainville-sur-MerSeveral local young men decided to try and make their fortune in Paris rather than work in the maritime industry locally. They became booksellers and printers and were successful. When they returned to Blainville-sur-Mer they built very grand residences and so the street was named after their former profession.

Blainville-sur-Mer Blainville-sur-Mer


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