Throughout January, you can find a wonderful Normandy foodie tradition in almost every boulangerie and pâtisserie. The ‘galette des rois’ (literally king’s cake) is eaten throughout France but varies depending on where you are. In northern France, and in Normandy in particular, galette des rois is made from puff pastry with a frangipane cream. You might also find it flavoured with apples.

galette des rois
galette des rois

You can eat it hot or cold. Tradition means that the youngest member of the family sits underneath the table and decides who gets each slice. One lucky person will find a charm or figurine hidden in their slice of cake. Their reward is to wear the golden crown often supplied with the cake and be king for the remainder of the day. Originally the hidden item was a fève which translates as a broad bean. Nowadays, the figurines are ceramic or even plastic and some bakeries produce different ones as collectibles.

The video below shows how you can make the galette des rois. For an easier option, visit a local boulangerie or pâtisserie. Beautifully crisp and flaky pastry combined with almonds is a rather delicious treat for January.

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