There’s something quite mysterious about a ruined church that I find intriguing. The first mystery was that I didn’t know exactly where this church was other than the Normandy commune it was in. I came across a picture of it on the internet and wanted to know more. I searched for Saint-Martin Le Vieux on a map but the ruin didn’t show up. Eventually, I managed to find it by using Google street maps and spotted a sign for it. So, having narrowed down my search area, I set off to find it. I arrived at the ruins towards sunset and perched on a a fairly steep incline was this beautiful stone building.


Saint-Martin le Vieux, Normandy

The roof is long gone as is the old bell that once rang out in the double bell tower dating from the 16th century. However, the bell is only a few kilometres away in the church of Notre Dame in Bréhal. The main part of the church was built in the 11th and 12th centuries.


The arch separating the nave and the choir is Gothic in style and dates from the 13th century. How many life events had this church witnessed, I wondered? I felt as if I was being allowed to step back in time as I imaged the happiness of baptisms and weddings and the sadness of funerals. Despite being a ruin, the church felt strangely welcoming in the warmth of the evening sun. A happy ending to my mystery tour.

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