A photo from my day trip to Jersey is my photo choice for day 15 of the Normandy Advent Calendar.

a day trip to Jersey

I took the photo at Elizabeth Castle in St Helier. This is the view from the castle that’s the oldest part of the island. The fortifications were started in the 1550s and the castle was named after Queen Elizabeth 1.

The buildings in the photo form the Lower Ward. It was first built between 1626 and 1636 and subsequently altered in the 18th century. The Parade Ground was at the centre of castle life in the 18th century. The buildings around the parade ground were where the officers and soldiers lived and trained. These grand buildings now house various exhibitions, the cafe and public restrooms. There’s also a bunker built in 1943 during the German occupation in World War 2.

Click here for for photos of Elizabeth Castle in Jersey.

You can take a day trip to Jersey from either Granville or Barneville-Carteret. The ferries need to be booked in advance and the Normandy to Jersey ferry website is here.

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